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Fall Is In The Air!!

Sep 8th, 2023



September is the ideal time to plant a new lawn and Fall is also an excellent time to take those extra maintenance steps to insure your existing lawns continue to look their best as well!


New lawn installs establish and fill in quickly in early Fall! With overnight air temps dropping and soil temps still up- along with the occasional rains to assist with watering- it is the truly the perfect time to establish a new sod lawn and/or newly seeded lawn areas. *Be sure to use JB Signature Starter Fertilizer to get that new lawn off to a strong start!


Existing Lawn Fall Maintenance - Fall is a critical time pump up the lawn ahead of winterconsider the following list to keep things looking tip top-

  • Aeration.
  • Over-seeding with matching JB seed.
  • JB TurfMend in thinner troubled areas of lawn.
  • Lime applications for proper pH.
  • Pro-active insecticide treatment for Cranefly control.
  • Fertilizer applications JB Signature Starter and Maintenance Fertilizers as needed.
  • *Bonus tip- keep your lawn free of leaves this Fall and Winter to avoid damage. 


DIG IN to the JB Instant Lawn blog archive for posts on each of these applications!


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